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Wednesday, November 10, 2021



Happy Birthday today: Sarah Rink, Mr. Heist



Today’s Events:




Activity Period: Thursday- Student Council





Ever need a snack or an emergency stick of deodorant? The Rocket Locker has exactly what you need!  Any student can stop by between classes or before/after school to get things like: snacks, clothing, or hygiene items.  This is a no-questions asked system, so any students who

find themselves in need of food, clothing, or supplies may take what they need when they need it.



Sophomores please check Google Classroom and sign up to help with concessions this Saturday! We need lots of help and have plenty of spots open.


Have you lost something lately?  Did you know we have a lost and found?  If you have lost clothing, check in the cafeteria under the microwaves.  If it is something smaller, like jewelry, headphones, or small electronics, please check the office.


Don't forget we only have 2 days left to collect for the Thanksgiving Food fundraiser for needy families in Unit 7.  The First Hour class who raises the most money will win a breakfast!  Clean out your car consoles and bring in your quarters, dimes, nickels, pennies, and even bills!